Research Reflection

Question #1:  Regarding your project, what has been the biggest issue that you’ve run into so far?  Please consider technology, research and informational source issues.  Be specific.

The biggest issue I have ran into so far in this project is deciding on how in depth my research and writing pieces should be. I have gathered information from different sources and have had a hard time on deciding what information to include and exclude. I am still weak on the number of sources I have and need to go to the library to check out books. In this project I plan on adding additional tabs to my webpage including the origins and effects of fascism (especially Italy), the reaction Italy had to ethnic cleansing and the Holocaust (Primo Levi), and a page on the leadership of the government Benito Mussolini. Regarding the technology aspect of this project, I am feeling very comfortable with WordPress and have learned a few tricks. I have yet to discover the full ability of this website creator and plan on learning how to add photos and incorporate video.

Question #2: Do you feel that you’re prepared to write the content of your website? Why or why not? If you responded that you are not prepared, what steps will you take (additional research, reviewing memoir) that will make you prepared?

I feel that I am prepared to write my content on my website because I have finalized the direction of my project. I have finished reading my memoir and have written my page on Primo Levi (his life in general). I have notes on Fascism and am almost ready to write the page about it. I still need to attain additional sources on Benito Mussolini. I am starting a search on some sort of short biography or magazine article about him. Today I was thinking about fascism and I decided to look into the Catholic Church’s, specifically the Vatican’s, relations with the Italian government and fascism in general.

Question #3: What did you work on with the substitute on Friday?  Be specific.  How will it help you to successfully complete your project on time and with exceptional quality?  If you replied that you completed a certain task, be prepared to show it to me on Tuesday.

During class today, on Friday, 5/6/11, I finished my memoir and learned a little more about wordpress with my peers. I looked at some of my classmates’ websites to get a little of inspiration, and see what cool stuff they did that I may be able to incorporate for my own wordpress. I learned how to insert a photo on a page and how to hyperlink a phrase or word. I feel like today was really exceptionally productive workday. I have become more motivated to catch up on this project. The due date is coming fast!


7 Responses to Research Reflection

  1. 1. The most impressive area in the website was the information given and how well it contributed to the topic.
    2. An improvement on the website is to summarize the tabs and to keep it compact.
    3. The organizational structure makes sense because the transitions between each tab were very straightforward and effortless.

  2. Kinyee Fong says:

    1. I was really impressed by how much information was presented through this website, it was really in depth. I also enjoyed the many hyperlinks laced throughout the site. The ‘Go-Animate’ was definitely worth mentioning, too. I know Jeremy Tran spent FOREVER trying to create the character from scratch all by himself.
    2. The improvement I think that can be made, is perhaps Jeremy can shorten up some of the writing, because no one wants to read a TEXTBOOK.
    3. The structure is well organized, the viewer can easily know from the tab titles what is covered in that tab, so the site was super easy to navigate.

  3. Ben Phillips says:

    1) The most impressive part of the website is the overall organization and depth into the topic. You really did give a lot of information on Fascism.
    2) Great website but could use work on the organization of the bibliography page, it looks a little scattered.
    3) The organizational structure is superb; it is easy to follow and has great information.

  4. Tomono says:

    1.) The most impressive part of this website is the very in-depth writing that he did. Also the very professional looking format was impressive.
    2.) There were few minor grammatical errors.
    3.) The structure of his page was well formatted. The pages are well organized and the transition from one page to the other makes sense.

  5. Michael Cao says:

    1. I really like the writing on your website but the most interesting and most superior item on your wordpress is the Go!Animate it added a tremendous amount of style to your website and made it very intriguing
    2. Your website was amazing and has little room from any improvement, the only flaw I could find in the website was the bibliography.
    3. The website is well organized everything is neat and organized.

  6. 1. The best thing about your website was the content that was provided throughout the website. It gave me a better understand of fascism since i didn’t understand it in history class.
    2. The only thing I can say is that there seems to be a lack of color. It seems that the website is black and white with a few pictures.
    3. The structure and organization is well placed and the transitions introduce the next page pretty well

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